2 to Win 1 For Both So Cal Hockey Teams


Round 1 of the National Hockey League’s Stanley Cup Playoffs have been great.  Any matchup you look at, the hockey has been intense and often the result has surprised, or we’ve enjoyed an overtime thriller. Never mind all the other teams, at least for now, because I am hyper focused on my team, the Anaheim Ducks. They are looking good; showing the grit and “never say die” attitude it takes to move on. Yeah, I know, “One game at a time.” They haven’t taken Detroit yet, but I like their odds with 2 games to win 1.

As I write this the Anaheim Ducks are up 3-2 in the Western Conference Quarter Finals versus the Detroit Red Wings, and so are the Los Angeles Kings in their series against the St. Louis Blues. I mention them because I would love nothing better than to have a Ducks/Kings Western Conference Final. Again, I know, there’s a lot of hockey left to play, but I can dream, right?

One more thought. Hey Red Wings fans, the octopus on the ice tradition is getting old. Time to move on.  Not only are you going to get some exotic disease after storing raw seafood in your shorts for three hours, (not to mention what that must do for your love life), but I think Honda Center security is getting pretty good at apprehending and “dealing” with red-shirted tentacle tossers.

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