Anaheim Ducks Goooaaalll – Your Very Own Recording!

Phil Hulett Records A Custom Goal Call for You!

Anaheim Ducks Goooaaalll

“Anaheim Ducks Goooaaalll”

We’ve all been struggling through the lock out, and I’ve seen the posts on Facebook and Twitter about how you miss the sound of my voice calling an Anaheim Ducks goal at Honda Center. Well, here’s the next best thing to being there… Simply fill out the form below, being certain to select Anaheim Ducks players. I will record your goal call and the finished product will be e-mailed to you in mp3 format. You may use the audio as a ring tone, post it on your website, annoy Kings fans by playing it on a loop – it’s totally up to you.

Depending on demand, I will be doing this for a limited time. One per person please.Let’s do the right thing with this shall we?  Using the honor system, I suggest you pay a fee in exchange for your customized recording. That fee will be directly donated to the Anaheim Ducks Foundation. Use the donation widget to the right, and thank you in advance for your generosity.By the way, even though I’ve been known to turn these around quickly, please allow a week or two for delivery of your mp3.Thanks, Phil

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Click here to hear a sample goal call, and a running total of goal/assist stats based on your choices for goal calls.