Farewell KFWB



Goodbye KFWB, Hello New Opportunities

KFWBThe end of a major chapter in my broadcasting career is coming to an end, turning the page on the next adventure that has yet to fully come into focus. This month, KFWB News/Talk 980 switches from its current format to all sports featuring content from the CBS Sports Radio Network.

Since 1998 I’ve had the privilege anchoring the news with such luminaries as Jack Popejoy, Judy Ford, Kathleen Sullivan, Dan Avey, Penny Griego, Larry Carroll, Tracie Savage, Tammy Trujillo, Susanne Whatley, Hettie Lynne Hurtes, Bob Howard, Andi Marshall, Ken Jeffries.  I’ll never forget the regular on-air conversations I had with national names like David Gregory, John King, Candy Crowley, Don Lemon, Bill O’Reilly, Laura Schlessinger, Michael Smerconish, Jim Miklaszewski as well as so many other reporters, experts and pundits. From reliable traffic reports from Rhonda Kramer to Wall Street analysis from Richard Saxton, Laura Gregory, Steve Potisk and Ira Mellman, to Sports reports by Bret Lewis, Joe Cala, Ted Sobel and Bill Seward, to reporters including Pete Demetriou, Paul Lowe, John Brooks, Steve Kindred, Lori Kellman and so many others.    

Of course none of this would have been possible without Crys Quimby and Greg Tantum believing in me when I initially asked for a job. I’ll forever be indebted to them, but I also count among my supporters Dave Cooke, David G. Hall and of course, Andy Ludlum who saw fit to keep me on the air in a prominent position. It’s been a great run and I thank all involved, but especially you for listening over the years, for coming out to station events and for being the constant reason why I continue to seek out a microphone daily.

After KFWB,  A New Chapter Begins

The podcast I started almost a year ago, which made the leap to radio on KFWB, continues online and on the radio.  Keep track of developments with Phil Hulett and Friends, featuring Jennifer Bjorklund, Jay Campadonia, Chris Martin and me on this website and at http://philhulettandfriends.com.  You can keep listening, on-demand online and in your favorite player like iTunes, Stitcher, and TuneIn.

I hope you’ll tune in to KFWB this Friday, August 22, 2014, which will be the last day you can hear most of the familiar voices of KFWB.  Thank you for listening to LA’s Morning News with Penny Griego and Phil Hulett from 6-10am, and to As We See It with Phil Hulett and Friends at 2pm.

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