Julius Goes on a Quack Attack!


Julius is Ready to Defend Our Honor!


When it comes to fans, some are more ready than others to take to the streets and battle for their team. Perhaps none have committed to that call to arms more than Julius.

julius2Julius jumps on the scene wearing his impenetrable Anaheim Ducks t-shirt and his UV ray resistant red shorts. Like detached, laser-powered nunchucks, his glowing sticks of destiny fend off the purveyors mediocrity. With a mighty yell, he scares off all attacking forces and preserves the domain for champions to rise.

Where will Julius appear next? At an Anaheim Ducks game? In the visiting team’s locker room? On the team bus? Maybe Julius has a grander scheme in mind. Could he launch his next Quack Attack on a school playground? Perhaps in the middle of rush hour traffic? Perhaps others will take up his call and strike fear in the hearts of enemies by striking a similar pose in the streets of towns and villages around the world, then posting their valiant stance online.

There is no telling how far his crusade will go.

Now it’s your turn to do as Julius does, exert yourself continuously, vigorously, or otherwise obtrusively to gain an end we all share, VICTORY!  Watch the gallery of examples below, and then download the original photo of Julius here, or save the image provided at the bottom of this page, fire up your Photo Shop and go wild!


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