Anaheim Ducks Sign Ryan Getzlaf to 8-Year Extension

Ryan Getzlaf

Welcome News – Ryan Geltzlaf In case you missed this morning’s announcement from the Anaheim Ducks, this is big! (An excerpt from the team news release is below). Settling the issue of will he stay or will he go, pending any future trade considerations, Getzlaf is apparently going to stay in Anaheim for what amounts to the rest of his career. I have to say in seasons leading up to this welcome news, I heard a lot of fan grumbling about the captain’s performance. But it is clear to me that I’ve noticed Getzy taking his game to the next level (the one we all knew he was capable of). I don’t know if it’s the influence of Coach Boudreau, or maturity, or something else, but it’s hard not to notice the hustle is there, the passes are crisp, AND, …