#AnaheimDucksGoooaaalll – The Hashtag that Keeps on Trending!

#AnaheimDucksGoooaaalll Trending

The Anaheim Ducks keep rolling at home, notching their 10th straight home win, 4-0 against the Calgary Flames tonight. As good as the team is this season, the Twitter Peeps are doing a stellar job as well. It seems the hashtag that mimics my goal calls, #AnaheimDucksGoooaaalll, shows up in the Twitter Trends during almost every game. If you haven’t been playing along, here are the rules: Sign up for a Twitter account. Follow @philhulett  (Thanks – I’ll follow you back) Search #AnaheimDucksGoooaaalll and review Tweets from previous games. Be ready to Tweet #AnaheimDucksGoooaaalll every time the Ducks score a goal, home or away. Thanks to the following Twits for posting photos of tonight’s Trend Charts: Dirty Sexton, Chris Williams and Jeremy Addis Keep up the good work people, and GO DUCKS!!!! Related articles Practice Your #AnaheimDucksGoooaaalll Anaheim Ducks Sign Ryan Getzlaf to …