Hey Anaheim Ducks, Win One For Mom!


Is there anything more cherished on this planet than mom? Apparently not fo the NHL. Game 7, if needed, between the Anaheim Ducks and Detroit  Red Wings is scheduled for Sunday; Mother’s Day! Look, I get it. Scheduling these games is tough, and there will always be collateral damage, but Mother’s Day?!? Here’s the solution: The only way to avoid requiring all of us fan, the team and others involved in opening the doors from having to spend the day Honda Center instead of with mom. is for the Anaheim Ducks to take Game 6 of the NHL Western Conference Quarter Finals tonight in Detroit.  Come on Ducks, win it for Mom!  And, shame on you Red Wings players for trying to win when so much is at stake. By the way, there’s an official watch party tonight, right up the street from …