Hubble 2.0 – Congress Funds – Miles O’Brien Reacts

Hubble 2.0 Funded The House and Senate on November 17 passed legislation that lays out fiscal year 2012 funding for NASA, including the full $530 million requested to make sure a 2018 launch of the James Webb Space Telescope, or Hubble 2.0. The funding keeps the Webb, unofficially dubbed Hubble 2.0, safe for now, but it is not a long-term funding guarantee, and it still needs to be signed by President Obama. Hubble 2.0 Reaction from Miles O’Brien But, as a scientific marvel, Hubble 2.0 is worth conversation, and that’s what Penny Griego and I did this morning on LA’s Morning News on KFWB. Listen to the interview we did with Space and Technology expert, Miles O’Brien (below). Hubble 2.0 – Learn More To find more information, please visit NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope website: here.