Phil Hulett’s After School Classes

Elementary school students learn the basics of Public Speaking from the
Public Address Announcer of the Anaheim Ducks, Phil Hulett.

Attention Parents and Students.  Phil Hulett has a BRAND NEW CLASS!
Commercial Voice Overs!

Public Speaking

Public Speaking Girl

With an emphasis on FUN, Phil Hulett reveals the secrets of becoming a confident speaker and a clear persuasive communicator. Students take part in group games designed to teach quick thinking, eye contact, story telling, good breathing techniques, projection, enunciation and other essential elements of Public Speaking. Parents are amazed at the transformation that takes place in just 6 weeks of training.

Commercial Voice Overs

VO Girls

Imagine being the voice of a character in a cartoon or a movie? Imagine reading the words of a commercial and then hearing yourself on the radio, television or the Internet? Phil Hulett brings his 40 years of experience as a voice over artist to this exciting 6 week workshop which features real microphones and real recordings. With this training, students will be well on their way to bringing characters to life with their voices.

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